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December 27, 2013
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Three Cent Bullet by Adoradora Three Cent Bullet by Adoradora
Just over four years ago I took a three month solo trip around the US, traveling mainly by Greyhound, and once back in Australia I compiled a few doodles from my travel diary into a little photocopied, hand-stitched zine. I'd forgotten all about it until my mum recently mailed me an old copy she'd found. The drawings make me cringe a little (okay, more than a little), but it's nice to have a record of what was a pretty formative episode in my life.

All quotes were taken down almost verbatim. Some were condensed, but none were enhanced or embroidered in any way. 

Sorry for the quality, this is like a scan of a photocopy of a photocopy of a pretty beaten-up, beer-stained notebook.

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ErnestAbacus Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
It's a class in characterization. What a fantastic way to document a travel. 

Also, greyhound buses are a fantastic place to gather bits of people's lives for future use. I haven't ridden in one for a long time.

that last picture sparked a very clear memory in my mind.
WHen we live in florida we had a family of rattlesnakes decide to move into the front yard. All of us kids were playing in the yard when my mom saw a rather irritated snake get close to one of us. SHe calmly told us to go wait in the driveway for a few minutes. 
Then my mom took her shovel and started to chop the snake into bits with a shovel, and then smashed all the eggs. The mate snake came around soon after and saw the damage and my mom and him had a show down. It flew up at her like lightning, fangs extended and dripping with poison. With one fell swoop she decapitated it, but quickly saw it was still MOVING. She chopped it up more and more. I remember watching from the driveway as she cut away at what I thought was just dirt, flying up around her all the way up to her head until the deed was done and nothing was left but rattlesnake egg soup and meat. 
So yeah. My mom is pretty tough. 
Also I live in the Southern USA and this posts speaks to me, I love it. XD
Had to find my old DA login just to tell you OMG AMEN LADY. Her and her kid and sometimes that dude used to sit outside my old apartment in the Quarter for like 18 hours straight. And clap and sing amen over and over and over. And strap that poor girl into the stroller and not let her up for HOURS. GAAAAAAAAAHHHHH.

They're still there by the way. 

Also I love your art style and bus sketches!

Oh wow, I was sure I saw her again a couple weeks back, but I thought it couldn't be the same woman -- the walleyed gentleman she was singing with that first night I met her in 2009 seemed to think they'd be getting out of town as soon as they had enough cash for bus tickets. I dunno, maybe that's just the spiel they give tourists. I did think it seemed a little rough on the poor kid, she was going crazy in that stroller. 

Thanks so much for taking the trouble to log in and comment, it was really interesting to hear that it was in fact the same gal (although it's kind of sad that her situation evidently hasn't improved).
These stories are fantastic to see. Thank you for sharing!
Ornasch Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist
I'm amazed, apart from your style which is beautiful, with the people you encountered and met. Must have been an awesome trip.
This is pretty damned amazing.
Tiaropsis Jan 4, 2014   General Artist
Amazing work!  Kinda makes me think of Tom Wolfe . . . .
Captain-Black-Rose Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
This is wonderful. All of it.

I am so in favor of a Global Matriarchy! In fact, I have a grandmother who'd be perfect for the job.
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